Friday, June 26, 2015

The (New York) Egg Cream, Yoohoo Chocolate Syrup and Debunking a Myth

I'm not trying to get in trouble here. It's just that as my food history research broadens and deepens, I read and learn about foods in a way that explodes popularly perceived myths. One of those is that only in New York (Brooklyn for that matter) can an Egg Cream beverage be had. And then only with Yoohoo Chocolate Syrup (a brand name). 

My contention is that the origin of the Egg Cream is much older than that of the Brooklyn New York version. Boston should most likely be given as the place of origin of this liquid concoction. 

The text below is first published in 1901, but I would argue that the drink recipes existed long before the publication date.

To Wit:

The Spatula Soda Water Guide
Book of Formulas for Soda Water Dispensers.

The Egg Drink

Ever since the egg was first introduced as one of the necessities in the preparation of carbonated beverages, it has been growing more popular, until now hundreds of thousands are used annually at our soda fountains. Inasmuch, as there is a good profit in this class of goods they are well worth pushing, and if they were always properly prepared a great many more would be sold.

Care should be taken to so prepare a drink that the egg taste is lost, and that a cool, refreshing drink is prepared. Just because no man can throw an egg drink over his head it does not follow that he can prepare a good drink, and on the other hand because a man cannot do this, does not show that he cannot make a good one. No one drink needs any more study in order that it may be prepared properly than does an egg drink, therefore, my advice is. that a dispenser who desires a reputation for making good ones, spend most of his time in trying to make good drinks, not in trying to be fancy.

The Egg Phosphate.

Of all the egg drinks an egg phosphate is the one most often called for and the one most generally known. I will, therefore, take that to illustrate the proper method of dispensing egg drinks. The primary thing is to have fresh eggs, and one cannot be too particular on this subject, as to get a bad egg into a drink is the worst thing that can happen to your reputation. Even to break a bad egg at the fountain is a serious matter, but if care be taken no evil results need follow.

Preparing The Drink

Take the egg in the right hand and with a quick motion break the egg over the edge of the glass, then with both hands separate the shell, allowing the egg to drop into the glass. Now add one and one-half ounces of lemon syrup; (to obtain the best results the lemon syrup should be made from fresh lemons); a few dashes of acid phosphate and about two teaspoonfuls of fine shaved ice. The ice answers for two purposes; one to thoroughly break and beat the egg, and the other to make the drink cold. To obtain the best result possible the drink must be cold as you can make it. Now strain from the glass into the shaker, using a good strainer, thus removing the superfluous ice and particles of the egg which have not be come thoroughly beaten. With the coarse stream drawn into the shaker containing the egg, etc., enough carbonated water to nearly fill the glass; draw as quickly as possible, and with the fine stream mix the whole thoroughly. Take a clean glass and throw the drink from shaker to glass and glass to shaker a couple of times, then place the glass in a holder, and pour the drink from the glass. By so doing you give the drink a creamy appearance. Sprinkle a little cinnamon or nutmeg on the top, place the drink and straws within reach of your customer and everything is completed.

More than that, with very little practice you have an egg drink that is pleasing both to the eye and to the taste. This rule will apply to the mixing of all egg drinks, with the exception of the flavoring, which, of course, differs in different drinks. There are a great many kinds of egg drinks, but it does not pay to have too many different ones unless you have a very large trade. Have a few good ones and push them, it will pay you better. 

The following are some of my favorites and will be found to be good sellers:

Egg Lemonade.—1 egg, juice of 1-2 lemon, 1 1-2 ozs. of lemon syrup, 2 teaspoonfuls ice; proceed as before.

Egg Coffee.—1 egg, 1 oz. coffee syrup, 1 oz. of sweet cream, 2 teaspoonfuls shaved ice and proceed as before.

Chocolate de Egg.—1 egg, 1 oz. chocolate syrup, 1 oz. sweet cream, 2 teaspoonfuls ice and proceed as before.

Lime Juice Flip.—1 egg, 1 1-2 ozs. lemon syrup, 2 teaspoonfuls of lime juice, 2 teaspoonfuls of ice, and proceed as before.

Ice Cream Shake.—1 egg, 1 oz. marshmallow syrup, small quantity of ice cream, and proceed as before.

Egg Soda.—1 egg, 1-2 oz. of lemon and vanilla syrup, 1 oz. pure cream, 2 teaspoonfuls of shaved ice, and proceed as before.

Egg and Milk.—1 egg, 1 oz. Catawba syrup, ice 1-3, milk, q.s., shake and strain.

Cream and Egg.—is made same as egg and milk, only using cream. Sherry syrup may be used in place of the Catawba. A teaspoonful of pure sherry wine will add much to the drink.

Pike’s Peak.—White of one egg, 1 oz., Orgeat syrup, 2 ozs. sweet cream, 2 teaspoonfuls of ice, shake and add soda, using fine
 stream, and proceed as in phosphate.

Yamosa.—1 egg, 1 oz. raspberry syrup, 1 dash Jamaica ginger, 1 oz. sweet cream, 2 teaspoonfuls of ice, and proceed as in phosphate.

Grape Egg Nogg.—1 oz. don't care syrup; 1 oz. grape juice; 1 teaspoonful ice; shake thoroughly, and proceed as in egg phosphate.

Grape Egg Phosphate.—1 egg; 1 oz. grape syrup; 3 dashes phosphate; 1 teaspoonful ice; shake and proceed as in phosphate.

Egg Claret.—To an egg phos. add 1 oz. of Claret Wine.

Cocoa Egg Phosphate.—1 egg; Chocolate syrup, 1 oz; Phos., 3 dashes; proceed as in phosphate.

Egg Calisaya (Tonic).—Add 4 dashes elixir Calisaya to an Egg Phos.

Royal Cabinet.—1 Egg; Orange Sy., 1 oz.; Catawba Wine, 4 drams; Cream, 1 oz.; Ice and proceed as before.

Egg and Sherry.—1 Egg; Sherry Sy., 1 oz.; Ice, 1-4; Milk and Cream to fill glass; shake, etc.

Cider Egg Nogg.—1 Egg; Ice, 1-4; Vanilla Sy., 1 1-2 ozs.; fill cider and shake, etc.

Egg Nogg.—1 Egg; Roman Punch Sy., 1 oz.; Ice, 1-4; fill Milk; shake, etc.

Boston Flip.—Don't Care Sy., 1 oz.; 1 Egg; dash Lemon Juice; Ice; proceed as in Phos.

Golden Ade.-—Yolk of 1 Egg; Catawba. Sy., 1 oz.; Ice, 1-4; Milk to fill; shake, etc.

Silverade.—Same, using the white of egg.

Nadja.—1 Egg; Raspberry Sy., 1 oz.; Cream, 1 oz.; Ice, shake, Soda, etc.

Vichy Egg Shake.—1 Egg; Lemon and Orange Sy. 1-2 oz.; Ice; shake; Vichy, etc.

Cleopatra.—1 Egg; Orgeat Sy., 1 oz.; Cream, 1 oz.; Ice; proceed as in Phos.

Egg Orangeade.—Make, same as Phos. only using Orangeade Sy.

Grape Egg Royal (8 oz. Mineral).—Ice, 1-4; 1 Egg; Fill with Grape Juice and shake.

Prairie Oyster.—Draw dash soda in glass; 1 Egg; Vinegar, 1 dram; season with Pepper, Salt and Lemon Juice and serve. Serve glass of seltzer.

Egg Toddy.—1 Egg; Malt Ext., 1 oz.; Grape Sy., 1 oz.; 3 dashes Angostura Bitters; little Ice; proceed as in Phos.

Coffee Egg Nogg.—1 Egg; Coffee Sy., 1 oz.; Ice, 1-4; fill Milk and shake, etc. One dram coffee extract may be added where desired.

Ginger Ale Fllpp.—1 Egg; Juice Lemon; Ice, 1-4; Lemon Sy.;, 1-2 oz.; shake, strain; 1111 cold Ginger Ale; mix and serve.

Pistachio Punch.—1 Egg; Lemon Sy., 1 oz.; Pistachio Sy., 1-2 oz.; Cream, 1-2 oz.; Claret, 1-2 oz.; Ice (little); proceed as in Phos.

Clam Juice Shake.—1 Egg; Ice, 1-4; Clam Juice, 1 oz.; Pepper and Salt; shake and proceed as in Phos.

Leghorn Chocolate.—Chocolate Sy., 1-2 oz.; Vanilla Sy., 1-2 oz.; 1 Egg; Cream, 1 oz.; Ice; proceed as in others.