Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CONAPROCH - Recipes From the Chile Grower's Cooperative

For a number of years, the Internet held the website: That was put online by a cooperative association of Mexican farmers who mostly grew chiles. They had an annual meeting or two and published some papers. The usual stuff a food coop does. They also had some recipes and I had copied a few of the salsa recipes as I had never seen those before. Much to my dismay, the coop closed it's internet web presence and the remainder of the recipes I thought were lost. When I looked for them, much to my surprise, they were still available at the internet archive. So, I have created a 'blog just for those recipes. They are in Spanish and I will not translate them to English. If you want translations, use the Google Translate service.

The URL for the recipes is:

There you will see recipes for stuffing jalapenos with sardines, tuna or cheese, Negra La Salsa, 


Chiles jalapeños rellenos
Crema de queso, pimiento y cebollita china
Negra la salsa
Rollitos poblanos
Salsa borracha
Salsa de rajas para arroz blanco
Salsa de tomatillo con chiles cascabel y guajillo
Salsa sinaloense

Aderezo de pimientos rojos
Ensalada de chiles estilo sonora
Ensalada de pimientos
Ensalada de pollo y pimiento
Ensalada mexicana
Ensalada verde

Arroz con espinacas
Caldo tlalpeño
Crema de chile poblano
Espagueti verde
Huatape de camarón
Lentejas a la mexicana
Sopa azteca
Sopa de hongos

Albóndigas en salsa de chipotle
Carne a la tampiqueña
Cuete verde
Chiles en nogada tradicionales
Chiles rellenos de carne
Lomo endiablado
Mole de olla
Pozole colorado
Pozole verde
Puntas de filete a la norteña
Tortas ahogadas

Alitas en salsa roja
Barbacoa de pollo al chipotle
Mole poblano
Pavo enchileanchado
Pechugas rellenas de pimientos y queso
Pollo al chipotle
Pollo con rajas de chile poblano

Bacalao en salsa de pimiento morrón 
Camarones rancheros
Camarones en escabeche
Escabeche de camarón

Chiles rojos rellenos de queso blanco
Enchiladas de pipián
Enchiladas chiapanecas
Rajas de chile con asadero
Souflé de pimiento, queso gruyere y cebolla

Chiles fingidos
Paté de cacahuate al chile