Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Brief Detour to Berlin (Germany)

Edible Burro
I came across such a confused item, that I couldn't let it just pass. In Berlin, Germany, there is a "Mexican"? Restaurant, dolores by name. They sell burritos. But not just any style of burritos. They sell (only!) Northern California style burritos. And they show a review of these things. It reads: "For fans of the Northern California-style burrito, this is a true haven...The guacamole is always fresh and perfectly spicy... Time Out Travel Guide". If someone had only named the restaurant where the guac had been brownish and rancid. Ah me ...

I have never even heard of a California style burrito, let alone a Northern California style burrito. And other than in Berlin Germany, I'm certain that there is no such burrito.

I doubt that there is such a degree as Doctor of Burritos, or a Burrito, Ph.D., but if there were such, I would be a good doctoral candidate for that. Even in Mexico, where, if you ask for a burrito in Northern Mexico you will get a food item. But in Southern Mexico, ordering a burrito may net you a baby burro, pictured below. And while once in Ensenada, Baja California Frontera, I had a machaca burrito, and was told it was made of burro, I doubt that this is a common experience. Except in Mexico and never in Northern (or Southern) California. So my best guess is that, to traveled Germans, the San Francisco area has a better quality of food than the Los Angeles area. And there is some truth to this. They take their foodstuffs far more seriously around the Bay. Still, the notion of a regional category of California burritos tickles my funny bone. More than a little.

Baby Burro - Not Edible