Monday, June 16, 2014

A Trip To Chinatown (San Gabriel)

A few days ago, I took a day trip to San Gabriel and below are photos of what I saw.

Pork Snout 2 lbs. for $1.00

Varieties of Sichuan Pickled Vegetables

More Varieties of Sichuan Pickled Vegetables

Still more Varieties of Sichuan Pickled Vegetables

Bacon with Ribs about 3" thick!

Varieties of Pixian Douban Jiang

Smaller Size bags of Varieties of Pixian Douban Jiang

Pickled Mustard

More Pickled Mustard

Still more Pickled Mustard

Even more Pickled Mustard

Pickled Mustard in Jars

More of the same

$30 a pound for frozen Armadillo

Lily Stems

Sichuan Chiles (Red, Hot, shaped like a Jalapeno)

Dried Black Poplar Mushroom (Velvet Pioppino Mushroom)

Wolfberry Leaves (Goji)

Pennywort and Yam leaves

No English Names on the signs

Chinese Chives

Restaurant size bottles of Sichuan "Pepper" Oil (Prickly Ash Oil)

Three varieties of Prickly Ash

Live Eel

Live Turtle (huge 16 inches across)

Live Turtles - 8 inches

Tofu, Sweet Bean paste, anchovies, Sichuan Pickle Relish, 2 bags of Sichuan Chiles and the Poplar Mushrooms

I promise some recipes to go with all this.