Saturday, April 27, 2013

Denmark, Wisconsin (USA)

Please don't ask, I don't remember how I found these delightful cherry sized balls of Mozzarella Cheese. Some recipe called for them and I found them locally. Ciliegine means cherry in Italian.

Denmark, Wisconsin is a small town somewhat near Green Bay Wisconsin. Now Green Bay is the home of the professional football team, the Green Bay Packers and I love that team.

I had never seen mozzarella this size before. My best understanding of this cheese is that in Italy, it is made from the water buffalo q.v., below. I'm used to seeing 6 to 8 oz. balls, packed in the whey or a light salt brine. Fresh, this cheese does not keep it's immediacy of flavor and texture or so the legend goes. Typically, this larger cheese ball is sliced and layered between equally thick (or thin) slices of tomato and basil leaf chiffonade as a garnish.

The proper term is: Mozzarella di Bufala and is a D.O.P. cheese. So, ask away as to how Americans got some Italian cheese from Denmark. I don't know. But in researching this product I did learn that there is a New Jersey creamery specializing in these smaller balls of mozzarella and that is intriguing. The Lioni Latticini has balls down to the size of pearls.

I imagine a pizza Caprese with nothing but the bread, thinly sliced tomatoes as a cover and then the basil leaves and scattered over all the tiny pearls, which, when melted would look (and taste) like tiny little lakes of deliciousness.

Can you tell me where Denmark is?

Mozzarella, whether in big or small bites is used for heating only on pizza. Otherwise, it is used in salads.