Sunday, April 01, 2012

Chinese Foodstuffs

On Saturday March 31st, I was in that part of Los Angeles that serves the Chinese and Asian community's food needs.

I shopped at three markets, never finding the Sichuan chiles from the Fishwell company. I had even called the importer a week or so prior, but she could speak but little English and I speak no Mandarin whatsoever. Click the photo to read the ingredients in English on the label.

 If you can read Chinese (Mandarin?) fluently, please translate the recipe and post it in the Comments section.
What I found was not those lantern shaped chiles so essential to spicy Sichuan Cuisine, but some other Sichuan ingredients.  The first one is a mixture black mushrooms and wild chile pepper. It is eaten with rice or noodles and it's quite spicy. The next bag is fermented mustard green leaf. It is the veggie that is served with Mei Kai Kou Rou. I have posted about that in an earlier blog. I have never seen this vegetable available in the market before. Lastly, I give a pix of the cannister of fermented, salted black bean. I post this as it is the first instance I have seen of better packaging for black beans and Pearl River Bridge was the brand name of the first imported Chinese Soy Sauce I ever purchased (and continue to purchase).