Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Worst Named Supermarket in America

Unless there is a supermarket named: Ass, then the Assi Supermarket is the worst named supermarket in America.

As badly named as it is, there one redeeming feature is that this place has a plethora of food ingredients you cannot find anywhere else. Here is a picture of one of them. Left side. Click to enlarge.
What ever this is, I'm unsure, but the package reads: Uncurdled bean curdle. Pot Stew. It in the same section as the salted, sliced jellyfish. On the right, is the other treasure: Abalone. Farm raised, mind you but fresh, live, in the tank, below the prices. Given that a large abalone is $15.00 each, and that one is only enough for a tasty abalone burger, I didn't buy any until I find the same recipe as used at the Pismo Fish and Chips restaurant. That came, lightly pounded, maybe breaded, I can't recall and served with sliced lettuce and tomato on a hamburger pun. I think mayo was the only condiment., for once I've made myself hungry.