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Mustard Recipes English & French - Cooley's Cyclopedia

Cooley's cyclopaedia of practical receipts and collateral information in the arts / Arnold J Cooley.
London : J. & A. Churchill, 1872.

q.s. means: quantum sufficiat or satis, as much as suffices.

Mustard for the Table
The common practice of preparing mustard for the table with vinegar or still more with boiling water materially checks the development of those peculiar principles on which its pungency or strength almost entirely depends To economise this substance we should use lukewarm water only and when flavouring matter is to be added to it this is better deferred until after the paste is made The following forms for made mustard are much esteemed for their flavour.


1 Mustard (ground) 3 1/2 lbs; water, q.s. to form a stiff paste; in half an hour add of common salt rubbed very fine 1 lb; with vinegar, grape juice (verjuice), lemon juice or white wine q.s. to reduce it to a proper consistence.

2 To the last add a little soluble cayenne popper or essence of cayenne

3 Lenormand. Best flour of mustard, 2 lbs.; fresh parsley, chevril, celery, and tarragon of each 1/2 oz; garlic, 1 clove; 12 salt anchovies; (all well chopped); grind well together, add of salt 1 oz.; grape juice or sugar q.s. to sweeten; with sufficient water to form the mass into a thinnish paste by trituration in a mortar. When put into pots a red hot poker is to be thrust into each and a little vinegar afterwards poured upon the surface.

4 (Moutarde A L'Estragon.) From black mustard seed (gently dried until friable) and then finely powdered 1 lb.; salt 2 oz; tarragon vinegar q.s. to mix. In a similar way the French prepare several other mustards bу employing vinegars flavoured with the respective substances or walnut or mushroom ketchup or the liquors of the richer pickles.

5 (Moutarde Superbe) Salt 1 1/2 lb.; scraped horseradish, 1 lb.; garlic 2 cloves; boiling vinegar 2 galls; macerate in a covered vessel for 24 hours strain and add of flour mustard q.s. (galls are gallons)

6 (Patent) Black ginger (bruised), 12 lbs.; common salt, 18 lbs.; water, 15 galls.; boil strain and add to each gallon, flour of mustard 5 lbs.

Mustard Leaves (Rigollot's) are made by spreading moistened mustard on paper and drying.

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